Quique Sanchez Flores has claimed this Saturday's game against Sheffield United is one of the club's most important in its recent history.

The head coach has never seen the Hornets in this position, rooted to the foot of the Premier League, and when asked if this game was the most critical in the club's Premier League history, he said: "Of course. Since I know Watford, I didn't remember Watford in this position.

"The most difficult year I think was the first one when I came here. I never saw Watford in this position. Obviously there was part of Watford since the last year, but the good news is there are many matches in front to face, to play and to challenge. "

Sanchez Flores insists he knew what to expect when he accepted the role of head coach and that he is still happy to have joined the club. 

He admitted it is much easier to be coaching teams at the other end of the table, but that he has faith in the players' abilities.

"Of course I know it's different life to be there [in Spain] and to be immersed in the team that's under pressure. But I don't feel under pressure. I feel good, I feel still with a lot of energy, this is the most important thing.

"Probably if I'm here since August, I would be right now tired, sad, not confident enough but the real situation is I feel good. It's not hot enough, but I'm happy and I want to translate to the players that they can transform the team.

"For me it's easy to try to fight for Champions League or to try to have some cup or to try to fight to establish the teams in the top ten.

"For me, I'm used to that, it's easier life for a coach and it's easier to train teams in this kind of situation. I know even if I didn't do it before, I know I'm able to transmit to the players my experience, to say to the players this is our situation, these are our mistakes, this is what we have to do.

"The most important thing is the reaction of the players. If the players don't trust in the message, I would be really worried. Worried and sad."