I didn’t really know how to feel at 5pm on Saturday - Watford had just drawn at home to newly-promoted Sheffield United to remain winless after eight league games.

And yet, whilst I branded the game as a clichéd ‘must win’ prior to kick off; I didn’t feel as miserable as I had anticipated.

Whilst I should be writing about a comfortable win for Watford, I don’t think it was all doom and gloom.

They say if you don’t score, make sure you don’t concede and given that we couldn’t score in an empty net from three yards out, convert a one-on-one and place a free header somewhere other than in the keeper’s vicinity, it was imperative that we kept a clean sheet, something we hadn’t been able to do since February.

It wasn’t pretty and it obviously wasn’t the win we so desperately needed, but it was a start.

On Sunday night on the Watford Fan Show on Love Sport Radio, I said I was happier that it ended 0-0 than if it had ended 1-1 or 2-2, I stand by that.

This team needed a shake up and Quique did just that with his selection on Saturday.

Dawson was dropped and deservedly so. The central three at the back of Cathcart, Prodl and Kabasele, whilst not perfect, seemed to have some sort of structure to their game.

There was communication between them, there was even leadership in the form of Kabasele, who made his feelings known to his teammates after conceding a corner in the first half.

It was an impressive display from the Belgian, who earned his man of the match award. Even Dawson when he came on for the injured Prodl did well.

For the first time in a long time we saw some form of defensive organisation. It’s a baby step in the right direction for a team so low on confidence and whilst there’s a long way to go, a clean sheet can serve as a foundation for something good in the long run. Sort out the defence first as a priority and the goals will come.

As the full-time whistle blew on Saturday there was an audible chorus of boos around Vicarage Road. Whilst I completely understand fans’ frustrations and anxiety, negativity, be it at the ground or online, will get us absolutely nowhere. In fact, it will only make things worse.

I’m frustrated after our dismal start and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about relegation this season, we all are, but the only way we’re ever going to drag ourselves out of this mess is if we realise the team need our support and not our criticisms which are ultimately just going to drag them down further psychologically.

Yes we’re in for a long season, but keep the faith and we can come out the other end still a Premier League team.

We’ve been through much worse as a club, now is the time for unity and support, not division and negativity, however tough that may be.