Watford boxer Shannon Courtenay has said that she is full of confidence ahead of her Sky Sports pay-per-view fight at the 02 Arena on Saturday night.

The 26-year-old from Watford said her inclusion on an all-star card - alongside the likes of Regis Prograis, Josh Taylor, Derek Chisora and David Price - shows the faith being shown in her by those in the sport.

"To have my fourth fight and be on a pay-per-view card at the O2 arena on a massive, massive show just shows that Eddie Hearn has huge belief in me," said Courtenay.

"And so do Sky Sports who want me on there, so it gives me a lot of confidence that they want me on these massive shows, it's definitely confidence building."

Regardless of the occasion, Courtenay, who has a perfect 3-0 professional record, is planning on treating this fight just like any other and hopes to send a clear message to any future opponents.

Whether she does that with a knockout or by a points decision is of little interest to her, just as long as she retains her current record.

"I would give it 110 per cent whether I was boxing at a dinner show with no cameras or live on Sky Sports at the O2," she said.

"But because it's such a huge show, I'm determined to send a statement to the other people in my weight division to say I'm here, performing under the big lights and I'm ready for bigger nights.

"A win is a win, if you start focusing on getting knockouts, you go looking for it and you end up making silly mistakes. I'm not going out there to look for a Hollywood knock out. If the knockout comes, the knockout comes, but all that matters is I go out there, I apply myself correctly and I get the win."

In preparation for the fight, 'The Baby Face Assassin', revealed that she had been through months of intensive training in order to build on her strength and ensure she is in peak physical condition.

A mixture of weight training and sparring has rounded off an extended training camp and has seen her body go through a number of changes.

"I've been in camp a long time because we originally thought that I was boxing in September, so I've been in camp a long time," she said.

"I've been working a lot on new techniques, lifting weights, making my legs stronger, doing all different things to my body to make me physically stronger.

"This is probably the most sparring I've ever had. I've learnt a lot this camp, my body has basically changed an awful lot, so hopefully we'll see a winning performance on Saturday night."

As well as developing as a fighter in the ring, Courtenay is also developing as a personality out of it.

After only fighting professionally for the first time in March, she now regularly attracts a lot of public attention and is still getting to grips with an ever-expanding fanbase.

"I get recognised wherever I go now," she added. "It's a little bit weird when you're out having dinner or you're shopping and people stop to ask for photos, it's a little bit weird, but I'm getting used to it and I like it because it means people are getting behind you and supporting you.

"I've already got a massive fan base and I've only had three fights; it's only getting bigger and bigger."

As with her previous fights, Courtenay knows nothing of her opponent at this stage, but she believes that it isn’t too important just yet.

For now, focussing on herself is her top priority.

"It's the same as always," she said. "I don't ask who I'm fighting because right now I'm not really that bothered, all I care about is myself.

"When I start fighting for titles, then I'll start researching and studying my opponents, but right now I'll let them worry about me."