Quique Sanchez Flores has requested extra information from the Watford medical staff after losing a number of key players to injury.

Since his arrival in September, the head coach has seen several first team squad members spending their time in the treatment room rather than the changing room and now, in a bid to keep his players fit, the head coach is looking to learn as much as he can about their medical past.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow evening's Carabao Cup fourth round game against Everton, Sanchez Flores said he would have to wait to hear more about his latest injured player, Tom Cleverley, who limped out of the Hornets' goalless home draw with Bournemouth after just ten minutes, and claimed he needed to know more about his squad.

"We still don't know exactly how is [Cleverley's] injury," said Sanchez Flores.

"They are just checking, but it's a new one. Other players they are working on their recovery and they're improving, we will see in the future.

"I can't control what happened before we came here, so it's impossible to know, I don't know how is his story. We are working really hard with the medical staff about what happened in the pre-season, to have all the information about the injuries about everything because you know, we are one month here and one week - it's difficult to know exactly what happened with the story with these guys, these players, so for us we're interested in everything, every information we can take for the players.

"We know Cleverley has had problems with his heel before in the last years and we have some players here who have problems with their hamstrings and other players they didn't do pre-season and other players came here just after the season started, like Welbeck, like Sarr, they come pretty late to the team, so it's difficult to know exactly what happened.

"We don't have full control of the last four months, or five months to know what happened. We will try to investigate about what is the consequence, but I think we need to be clever."

While several players are struggling off the pitch, those on it are not fairing a great deal better as the search for a first league win will continue into the 11th match of the campaign.

Wins over Coventry and Swansea in the league cup have been the Hornets' only victories since the new season kicked off in August and Sanchez Flores said that although a win over Everton may be good for his players' confidence, it is not a guarantee that it will change their fortunes in the league.

Instead, the head coach is urging fans to remain patient as he tries to implement a formula that brings about consistency.

"Tomorrow is important, to win is always important but we realise even when we win against Swansea, it didn't affect what happened to the league," he said.

"It's different competitions, different line ups, different goals. It's important to win again, but it brings no comfort about what happens in the league. It's a completely different scenario.

"We need to get the right direction and the right direction is slow. It should be slow, it's the only thing I know. It should be slow. If we lose patience, we try to rush too much. We are not ready to rush too much, we know that.

"It will be slow, it will be difficult, it will be tough, all these kind of things that we are ready to be in this kind of situation, but experience says that we need to be harder and we need to work for a long time if we want to change this situation, so all of us we know. I said before, use experience, be calm, try to get time to take confidence, to give confidence to the players and try to recuperate the way we can be stable in the future.

"For us it's not just about to win today or tomorrow. It's not done. We need to confirm little by little that we are improving and we are on the right way. This is important for us."