Quique Sanchez Flores has said he wants to hand Watford youngsters their debuts under more positive circumstances.

Sam Dalby and Callum Whelan were both included in the squad that travelled up to Everton for Tuesday evening's Carabao Cup clash, but neither were used in the game.

The head coach said he would rather give them the chance to play with less pressure on them to perform.

"Many times, the circumstances, when the team they are bad or they have a lot of injuries and then appear new players," he said.

"But the good things is when they appear when our squad is full. When the squad is healthy, every player they are there and the young players come out to train with us then you can realise that we have full players but this one should be with us, not because of the economy or because of injuries, but when you believe in the young players.

"In that case with Whelan and Dalby, we love both of them. We have guys working with us, four or five every single week and we love to work with them, they have good spirit. The academy I think they have good spirit a long with the coaches in the academy, they're really good, they're always ready to give us what we need so it's amazing.

"Of course this is not the best scenario for them. Sometimes they're there because there are injuries or because the situation is really bad and you don't have players and then they appear. If I had to choose I would prefer to put them in when the scenario is positive. I would prefer because if not it's too much pressure for them sometimes and it's not necessary, so I would like to put them in when they have a positive scenario."

Sanchez Flores said he is working hard to create such an environment in which youngsters can be introduced, but insists he is not frustrated by the slow progress he is making.

The head coach claims that the current situation was something he did not personally create, but that he understands why supporters may be losing their patience.

"I don't feel frustrated now because I'm not creating this situation," he said.

"I came here with this situation is there in the same point, same situation, or similar, with the same distance with the other teams, so I can't be frustrated for something I accepted to do, which is to get the team a little bit further from these positions.

"Of course, this is normal, it would be really weird if we think that they are not frustrated in this situation.

"Of course we understand this situation, in some days in Watford I found a lot of supporters and they say, 'Quique come on we need to win. We need to win.'

"All of us are thinking exactly the same and what we try to say for them is of course we are working really hard week by week every single day working on what we can offer the fans and we can offer the team to improve.

"We're working really hard, we're not just waiting between matches for some magic potion. We are thinking about how to do something stable, or something solid for the future. I don't know exactly when it will happen."