Quique Sanchez Flores says his players need to rest during the international break, but believes they will be more relaxed in training following their 2-0 victory over Norwich City.

The Watford head coach chuckled when he was asked if it was frustrating that the Hornets now have to wait a fortnight before their next game against Burnley as they look to try and build some winning momentum following their first league victory of the campaign.

“Yes, when you win you want to play again to try to win again,” Sanchez Flores said. “Even when you lose you want to play really quick again to try to change it.

“But now it’s time to rest, it’s too much pressure for them for a long time. Tomorrow we train and then they need to rest, they need to recuperate the brain.

“I’m happy thinking about this week even when we start to train again, I can see them being more relaxed, more happy. It’s necessary to have happiness in sport.”