Watford have been placed at the bottom of a table ranking Premier League clubs by their sustainability.

The table reflects research carried out by BBC Sport and the United Nations-backed Sport Positive Summit looking at initiatives put in place by Premier League clubs to help the environment.

Clubs were asked to provide evidence of of schemes in the following eight categories:

- Clean energy

- Energy efficiency

- Sustainable transport

- Single-use plastic reduction or removal

- Waste management

- Water efficiency

- Plant-based or low-carbon food options

- Communications or engagement

The clubs were then awarded a point per category if they had implemented an initiative in their stadiums, training grounds and/or offices and half a point if plans were in development.

The Hornets picked up 2.5 points according to this system, leaving them in last place and two points behind Crystal Palace in second last.

One of those points came from the phasing out of single-use plastics and the recent addition of reusable pint cups for matchdays, an initiative the club claims was received warmly by fans.

They also received a point for sustainable transport for encouraging supporters to use public transport in favour of driving and half a point for communication and engagement efforts.

A spokesperson for the club said: “Watford FC is pleased with the initial progress it is making in its efforts to act in a more environmentally-sensitive way at its stadium, training ground and satellite hubs.

"The recent matchday introduction of reusable plastic cups was warmly received by supporters, and we’ll be continuing to take similar steps by working closely with a number of key third-party suppliers who are equally committed to positive actions.”

At the other end of the table were Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur all tied in first position with a maximum score of eight points.