Former Tottenham and England player Glenn Hoddle thinks Watford have enough to avoid relegation this season, despite their poor start.

The Hornets managed to find their first league win of the current campaign away at Norwich City in their last match and Hoddle, who was speaking to the Watford Observer about an upcoming appearance at the Alban Arena in St Albans, said he thinks they have a greater chance of survival than those around them.

"It's a tough league, but I saw Watford play at Tottenham a few weeks back and they deserved more than what they got," he said.

"They played really well. They deserved to win. But they've got themselves a win now and when you're down the bottom it's about putting back-to-back wins together - Newcastle have just shown that if you do that, you can climb up the table a bit. If Watford can do that in the next coming weeks then I think the pressure would ease off them for a little while and it will be someone else's pressure.

"I think out of the teams, the three that are down there at the moment, I see them with a glimmer. With Troy Deeney coming back and with Deulofeu who's a top player when he's on form, he's a danger, I think they've got enough hard working players around to say that they could survive.

"I think Doucoure's a really good all round midfield player and I think they've got the quality to stay up. They need those back-to-back wins, but I think they've got the capabilities out of the teams at the bottom at the moment to go on a run and save themselves."

Hoddle said he was surprised to see the Hornets part company with former head coach Javi Gracia after just four games of the season, but said he could understand the decision when reflecting on results from the previous season.

When thinking about his own future in the game, The BT Sport pundit said the lack of patience does put him off returning as a manager, but would not rule it out completely.

"I was surprised, I think four games into a season was very surprising," he said of Gracia's departure.

"But there is a reason because it wasn't just the four games, it was a build up at the back end of last season. Yes they got to the cup final, but they were heavily beaten and their form really going out of the season was dreadful as well, so from internally I would imagine they're looking at the bigger picture which was over a bigger period of time, rather than just the four matches.

"I can understand and it wasn't such a surprise to people internally at Watford, but from the outside looking in, it's a new season, you're expected to get more than four games in a season - in a funny sort of way that's the nature of football now.

"It's becoming exceedingly more difficult to get that time that certainly we were given back when I was managing and certainly when I was playing, the time they gave managers. Keith Burkinshaw was given time and Tottenham stayed with him. Even when we went down into the second division they stayed with him and we came back and won two FA Cups and a UEFA cup. Alex Ferguson was given time as well and look what he did, but those times are gone now I'm afraid.

"I'd never say never in football, but I'm enjoying what I'm doing as a pundit. I've not really thought about it to be honest. It would only be if something came out of the blue that I would think about it."

For now, the 62-year-old is enjoying himself and is grateful to still be alive following a shocking heart attack just over a year ago.

He said he now wants to share the stories of his life and his career with those who have supported him after a "tough, emotional journey".

"It's been just over a year and I'm almost back to 100 per cent," said Hoddle of his heart problems.

"There's just a few little things that have got to be checked on, but it's been a really tough physical and emotional journey, but it's one now that I feel really strong because of. It's been a tough experience but I'm really pleased to say that I've come through the other end of the tunnel. I owe it all to Simon Daniels who did the CPR on me at BT that fateful day, so without that I wouldn't be chatting to you now or be able to go on this mini tour. I'm very grateful."

As for the tour, Hoddle will be appearing in St Albans on Thursday, January 16, where fans will get the chance to ask him questions about his life in football.

"It's sort of an interview type of evening first and foremost and then a Q&A at the end," he said.

"It's nice to get out and talk to some of my supporters that might like to understand the ins and outs of what's behind the person, trying to becoming a footballer and then going into management and all them things and sharing those experiences with people. Hopefully they will enjoy it - I'm looking forward to it."

Hoddle will also be appearing at Alexandra Palace in London, as well as both Swindon and Hayes.