Quique Sanchez Flores claims he is working with Gino Pozzo in a bid to find a solution to Watford's Premier League problems.

The Hornets sit bottom of the table having claimed just one win from 13 games so far this season and, following a 3-0 home defeat to Burnley last week, reports that the head coach's future was in doubt began to circulate.

However, Sanchez Flores insists he still has a good working relationship with the owners as they try and find a solution to their problems together.

"I am speaking every single week with the owner, with the sporting director and all of us of course we're trying to find good solutions for the squad and the team," he said ahead of today's game at Southampton.

"We're working, it's difficult to explain everything we're doing to improve but of course, every single day we are thinking things to improve the team and to improve the squad, the confidence, the reaction of the players, every single thing we can do, we are doing.

"In this kind of situation, all of us we look worse, the players, the coach, the club, the owners, everyone, even the fans they feel worse, of course. So the only thing we can do is fight and fight a lot. We need to be positive.

"There's time for the next match, there's time for the future because we have many matches to play. It's not the end of the season. If we are able to win on Saturday, we need to start working to match it again and again and again. The most difficult thing is not to win once, the most difficult thing is to win and win again and win again."

Although he did admit he was under some pressure, Sanchez Flores remains philosophical about his position as head coach and said it was a mistake for people to focus on whether or not his job is under threat.

Instead, he said he would rather people focused on the happiness of the supporters, which he claims is more important, and vowed to do all he could until his last day in charge.

"I think we are making a big mistake talking about me, about my position because finally the situation is not about my position as a coach," he said.

"I think here we are talking about the happiness of a lot of people, this is the most important thing, the happiness of the fans, the future of the club, the future of the squad, talking about that. 

"We're human beings, we're persons, so we're not forever in anywhere. No clubs, no places, anything. We're passing for this life and all of us will pass. How you can be afraid for that?

"What I can do, I will do until the last day. When is the last day? If I have no idea when is the last day of my life, how am I going to be able to know when is the last day in my work? It's impossible."