Watford did not intend to sit deep and defend in their draw against Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday evening, claims goalkeeper Ben Foster, who believes defensive football is merely symptomatic of their situation.

The Hornets let a lead slip for a third consecutive Premier League game and failed to have a shot on target after half-time for the second match in a row.

After facing questions over the Hornets' apparent decision to employ a defensive strategy early on in all three of their last games, Foster said it was never their intention to play on the back foot after taking the lead.

"I think that's just the symptoms of where we are in the league to be honest," he said.

"It's almost like it's human nature to defend a lead at all costs and we're not trying to sit back, the gaffer doesn't want us to sit back, but when the pressure goes on you at an away stadium, the crowd get up, they get on the front foot - it's inevitable sometimes that that's going to happen.

"I think on the balance of things it was probably a fair result, especially the second-half they've basically chucked the kitchen sink at us and I think the lads did really well to weather the storm. They're a big physical strong side and they're always a threat from set pieces - they're always looking to get balls into the box and the lads did great.

"The goal, obviously I'm gutted for Mapps, I think he gets himself in a bit of a twist and doesn't know what players are around him, but he's trying his best, he's not trying to put the ball in the back of the net, even though he absolutely lumped it in. He's trying his best and that's all we can ask of everyone."

Foster revealed that Pearson was less disappointed with his side defensively, but had some frustrations about their efficiency on the ball.

The goalkeeper agreed that Watford need to create much more when they are in possession, but nevertheless felt the point from the game at the Amex was a good one, despite the circumstances.

"He's actually quite disappointed with us in possession to be honest, which is a very fair shout," he said of Pearson.

"He's a bit disappointed that we're not really working hard enough when we have got the ball to really make the most out of opportunities that we could get. Which again I think it's an absolutely fair shout because we work our socks off when we haven't got the ball, we should do the same when we have it as well.

"It's a cliche, but you look at each game as it comes and I think on the balance of things, if you get points away from home, regardless of who you're playing and how you get them, I think a point away from home in the Premier League is a decent achievement."