Sebastian Prodl has backed Watford to survive the Premier League drop this season, following his move to Udinese.

The Austrian defender described himself as a Hornets supporter after his time with the club and believes the job Nigel Pearson has done so far is good enough to keep them in the top flight.

"I see it with different eyes now, I see it as a supporter of Watford," he said.

"The way things have been this season are quite disappointing. I think we had some games where we were the better team and we didn't succeed. I'm following Watford quite intently and I've seen the last games and I think it was disappointing, but back in December when we were nine points behind, we all knew it was going to be very difficult and they're in a much better position at the moment to have the possibility to stay in the league.

"Obviously the last three games weren't that successful, but if we think back one month ago, or two months ago where Watford has been in the table, I think it's been quite successful for the new managing team, so I still believe that there's a lot of strength and a lot of talent to succeed and to stay in the league and I will have a close eye on it and I hope for Watford and the supporters that they're going to be safe soon."

When asked what Pearson had done differently since his arrival, Prodl said the new coach's man-management was playing an important part in restoring the players' confidence.

The defender was impressed with the way Pearson made time to speak to everyone at the club, as well as his straight talking approach, and described him as the "glue" holding everything together.

"I don't want to compare, but I want to say what Nigel's brought to the club, which is brilliant man management," said Prodl.

"I haven't been on the pitch with him, but from what I've seen on the training ground how he involves people, how he communicates with people and how he's trying to keep everyone together, including injured players.

"He came in and I think he tries very hard and is very successful at being the glue of the club who just, if things go south and things go wrong, he glues them back together and I think that's what he's capable of. He tells people his honest opinion, he's straightforward, so there's no turning or twisting of words, he tells people what to do and I think that's why he came in and has been successful so far.

"We spoke a little bit. He's always walking around the training ground trying to get some conversations in to get to know the feelings of the players and the feelings of the club to improve the atmosphere. We always had a chance to chat and he was the same with everyone, it doesn't matter if you were playing or not playing, he treats everyone the same which is good because it gives everyone the belief that they can be part of his plan."