Watford defender Christian Kabasele has come out in favour of restarting the Premier League at the end of June and claims he is pleased with how well phase one of training has gone so far.

Speaking to the Counter-attack podcast, the Belgian defender said no player has been forced to attend, but that he feels safe at the London Colney training ground.

"The club has been very clear with that, every individual player is making his own choice," he said.

"They are not putting pressure on us to say you have to be back. It is about the player and the player's feelings, every personal situation.

"They came to us with phase one and personally I was quite happy with what they presented to us, we will see what they are planning for phase two and three.

"With phase one I think everything is put in place and they have tried to make the training ground as safe as possible."

On potentially restarting on June 12, Kabasele told the Evening Standard, it would be "impossible" but said he could see play resuming at the end of next month.

"There has been talk about June 12 but personally I think it is impossible because it would be less than three weeks training after a long period of not doing anything so it is a risk for us," he said.

"The most obvious choice for me is the end of June, you have at least four weeks to train with the team if it is possible. We will see, at the moment it is a big question mark."

Since returning to training Kabasele said he has found it difficult to adapt to the new regulations, but understands they're important for the time being.

"We train in groups of four or five," he said.

"It's individual training, but we have four or five players on the pitch. We're keeping the social distancing, I think we will not see a lot of talk between players, you go on your own to the training ground, you go onto the pitch and, as soon as you finish, you go in the gym if you need, or you go home, that's the new normal.

"Especially after a long period without seeing anyone like this you want to speak, you want to make jokes with your partner to see how they dealt with the quarantine, but it's not the moment to do this. Maybe in a few weeks we can spend more time together, but we still need to be careful with that."