Adrian Mariappa has attended the Watford training ground today, where he has been tested for coronavirus along with his teammates and other members of staff.

Premier League players were tested for the third time since they returned to non-contact training last week, with Mariappa returning a positive test last week, along with two others from the club.

Those three people have since spent seven days in isolation, while two other players had to miss training due to coming into contact with other people infected with the virus.

The Hornets defender and staff members were not the only people to return positive tests during the first round of testing, with Burnley coach Ian Woan among three others.

In the second round of tests, Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was among two people from two clubs to have tested positive for Covid-19.

The results from today's tests will be returned tomorrow, when the league will declare how many, if any, positive tests were discovered, although they will continue with their policy of not naming specific clubs or individuals.

If Mariappa is found to no longer have the virus, he will be free to return to training with the team on Thursday.