Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes is not in favour of the Premier League returning because of the fact some players still have concerns about its return.

The league has been suspended since the beginning of March due to the coronavirus pandemic, but today took a step nearer to returning with shareholders voting unanimously in favour of a return to contact training.

While Gomes has also said he feels safe at training, he knows others do not - including his own club captain Troy Deeney, who is currently not attending training sessions because of his concerns regarding his young son's health.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Gomes said until everyone is happy with returning, the league should remain suspended.

"I'm not in favour of the Premier League returning, in a sense that not everyone is comfortable with it," he said.

"I believe the virus isn't going away from one day to another. We obviously hope it does, but the problem will remain until a vaccine is developed. So I'm not in favour because not every player is comfortable with returning now.

"Some players need more time, and that can be a disadvantage to some smaller clubs as they don't have too many replacements.

"They don't have a powerful squad like Manchester United, Tottenham, City or Liverpool do. Not everyone can afford to miss a player because he fears the virus. For me, we should only return when everyone is cool about it and we have more time for training and adapting. It would be good to realise that we are safe in this new normal."