Gerard Deulofeu has called on his Watford teammates to fight "like lions" in their remaining Premier League games in order to avoid relegation.

The former Barcelona man is at home in Catalonia recovering from the knee injury he suffered in the Hornets' 3-0 win over Liverpool back in February, but is keeping a close eye on the team and their fight for top flight safety.

Speaking to the club website about his recovery, he said: “I am recovering and people know this injury is for a long time and the work for them now is to remain in the Premier League and the focus is there. We have to fight those last games like lions. I can't be there and it's a shame, but I wish them all the best.

“I want to be playing really quick, but I know my injury is really difficult. We will see how it's going, but I want to be 100 per cent. I don't want to be with the team 80 per cent. I want to be really strong and it doesn't matter if it's six, seven or eight months. I want to be at 100 per cent.

“Every week I keep contact with physios, with players, with the coach. I want to know how it is going and I want to know how the team is. I have spoken two or three times to Nigel [Pearson]."

Deulofeu said he is happy with the recovery of his knee so far and that it is improving day by day.

Making things easier for the winger is the fact that he is at home with his family, which he thinks is helping him stay positive.

“I'm really happy as my knee is getting better all the time," he said.

“Psychologically is the most important thing with this type of injury. It's for a long time and you have to think a lot and you have to be positive every day because if not, the injury can feel longer than it is. In my case, I'm a person who is happy every day. My recovery is now fourth months so I feel it's going really quick. I'm really happy.

“I want to recover at home because I feel closer to my family and my daughter. Sometimes when living in London and my daughter is living in Barcelona, that period is tough. I want to be close to my family. I asked Watford this and they say, ‘No problem. You can go.’ It's my town and you feel more comfortable in your town.”