Nigel Pearson has called for calm from his Watford players as they face four more games that will determine their Premier League fate.

After a much-needed victory over Norwich City on Tuesday - their first since the league resumed last month - the Hornets are now seemingly within touching distance of top flight safety, with time running out for the teams below them. However, Newcastle, West Ham, Manchester City and Arsenal still sit between them and another season in England’s highest tier and will be difficult for a number of different reasons.

Spirits are high in the camp at the moment after the win over the Canaries, but Pearson knows that things could change with another negative result and urged his team to keep their concentration.

Asked if some of the pressure had lifted following the Norwich victory, he responded: “It ebbs and flows, of course it does. I’m glad we won it because had we not, your questions today would be very different. That’s an indication of the type of flux that we work within.

“You’ve got to be able to just deal with how it looks. My own perspective is to try and keep some sort of a balance with our approach and players have got to be calm, but calmness doesn’t mean doing things slowly, calmness just means being able to function and we’ve got a better chance of succeeding with what we’re setting out to do if we can stay with the challenge and concentrate on our own performances, for sure.”

Helping Pearson to remain calm is the fact that, barring Isaac Success’s ruptured achilles in the run up to the restart, Watford have not picked up any significant injuries despite the games coming thick and fast.

With players like Craig Dawson and Danny Welbeck being first-team opportunities and both scoring, the head coach is feeling optimistic about his side’s chances of staying up.

“[Dawson] has taken [his chance] and that’s something that when players get an opportunity, the onus is on them to take it,” he said.

“He’s always a threat from set plays and he’s our top scorer since the restart, so he’s done well. His all round performances have been committed as well. He’s a brave defender - a natural defender who enjoys defending and that’s something which is important and he’s also aware that competition means that to stay in the side it’s about performing and that’s how we always wanted to be. We want there to be healthy competition. I’m always pleased for players when they play well, always. The most important thing is the overall outcome for us as a team and a football club. If players play a positive role in helping us to achieve that then all well and good.

“I’m very pleased for Danny because he’s been patient, he’s worked really hard to get back and now he’s back it’s an opportunity for him to secure a run in the side and if he plays well, he’s got a great chance of doing that.”

Another player who is likely to continue his run of form in the starting lineup is captain Troy Deeney, despite some fans losing patience with their skipper. Pearson believes Watford simply have a better chance of winning when he is in the team.

“He’s someone who’s very much up for the fight,” said Person. “He’s a big player for us and will make contributions from here on in, and has been all season. When he’s playing we have a much better chance of winning games. Players are selected to contribute their strengths and that’s kept him in the side.”