Nigel Pearson has assured Watford supporters that captain Troy Deeney's knee will not be too much of a problem for the remainder of the season. 

The striker left Vicarage Road with a limp and a bandage strapped around his right leg on Saturday, after his composure from the penalty spot earned the Hornets a vital three points against Newcastle. 

Speaking to broadcasters after the match Deeney said the joint would need draining this week, but Pearson insists it is a manageable issue. 

"He's an experienced player," said the head coach after the game. "Troy has what I would call a 'grumbly knee' that he has to manage on a daily and weekly basis. This is nothing new, it's something which he's come to terms with and has to manage, so you may see him with a bandage today, but it's nothing new.

"We have days where we have a number of players who have to modify their training. When you ask me on a weekly basis about injury news, even players who are available week in, week out, there will be some within I think most clubs who have to manage long term physical difficulties and Troy's known about this for a long term.

"He's been available and he's contributed in a very comfortable way today." 

With his side trailing at half-time against the Magpies on Saturday, Pearson said it was important not to be too negative in his team talk and instead tried to focus on positives. 

He now has a huge game against West Ham to prepare for this Friday, after Aston Villa and Bournemouth both picked up wins to close the gap at the bottom back to just three points. 

With Manchester City and Arsenal following the Irons for Watford, it could be seen as their best chance to add to their points tally and keep things in their own hands. 

"Essentially the message is that it's really important for us to commit to the game ourselves," said Pearson.

"I really do understand how difficult it is at times to manage the anxiety of the situation that we're in. When you've been a side in and around the bottom all year, you've got this feeling that there's been a lot of disappointment for us this season.

"That has a telling effect on how positive you can be and I see our boys every day when they train and we have a really good group of people here. Players who work exceptionally hard. But I also understand that the pressure that they're under to deliver.

"All I'm going to say is that it's important for us to stay in control of our own destiny. That's the most important thing for us. To come out again with another win, it's testament to how the players work together, it's not really about disclosing what goes on in the dressing room. The players know when they're not at their best and it's about trying to give them some encouragement and it's not about being negative."