Watford simply didn't do enough to keep themselves in the Premier League, according to interim head coach Hayden Mullins.

The former Under-23 boss said that there was a lot to analyse following the defeat to Arsenal that relegated the Hornets this evening, but ultimately he knows it comes down to performances on the pitch.

Despite being interim coach for just four matches throughout the season, Mullins also said he felt at least a bit responsible as well.

"I don't know. It's a tough question for anyone," he said when asked what went wrong this season. "It's always a possibility when you start the season. You've got 38 games to stay in the division and ultimately we haven't done enough as a team. It's a tough one to have a look at and we have to give time for everyone to sit down and reflect.

"I always look at myself first. We knew there were two tough games that we had and these two games it was always a possibility that we were going to get beaten and we have done. I take it personally, I've been at the club a long time now, the last two games I was in charge."

Mullins described the mood in the dressing room after the match as one of disappointment. 

Whether or not he wants to experience such emotions again by being head coach next season, is not something he has given much thought to as of yet.

"The dressing rooms quite down at the moment," he said. "Me personally, very disappointed. It was a tough start for us today in the game and we're disappointed with the result definitely. It's been a tough season for everyone and we knew that this was a possibility a couple of weeks back and it's ended up a reality. It's one we're going to have to deal with now as a group of staff and players and pick ourselves back up and get ready to go again next year.

"The club are going to have to look at which way they want to go. For me it's time where I can now go away and have a bit of time off and reflect and have a look at what's happened this season for me personally. As of yet, I haven't really given that too much thought."