Jose Holebas has claimed he felt "left out" at Watford before he departed prior to the end of the season.

The 36-year-old found game time hard to come by throughout the last year and came to an agreement with the club to leave before the end of his contract and before the Hornets' final game with Arsenal.

The Greek international insists he is still perfectly fit and was not injured, but that he was just not favoured by the coaches during the campaign.

In a statement posted to his personal Instagram account, the defender said he was now looking for a new challenge, but wished Watford the best for the future.

It reads: "For now I would like to say thank you and wishing @watfordfcofficial all the best for the future but it was time for me to say goodbye after all what happen, of course I'm not happy to end it like that how it was but to be honest I feelt left out of everything not to help the team !(and no I wasn't injured and no my legs are not gone ,Absolut in shape and yes I'm 36 and still do more then younger once's) It was hurting to make this decision because I love football to much and not being involed in something what you love hurts Maybe I'm the least affected on that now and feel for my old teammates and the club the fans ,my supporter and everyone who is involed in the club that it came to the end of the season like that to go down. For the club I really wish Watford all the best for the future And for me personal is time for a new challenge."