Ismaila Sarr has said he would be happy to stay and play with Watford in the Championship next season, but admits that he is yet to have an in-depth discussion with the club or his representatives about his future.

Liverpool and Crystal Palace are among a number of clubs known to be interested in signing the Senegalese winger, but until there is a deal in place, he is happy to stay at Vicarage Road.

"I still have years of contract with Watford, another 4 years. If Watford wants me to stay, I'll play in the Championship; my departure also depends on them," he told Senegalese publication Sans Limite.

"I really don't know what to say. We are going to play in the Championship since there is no transfer yet.

"I'm at the same level of information as everyone else about these transfer rumours. Every day, like everyone else, I receive information like what I'm going to play for Liverpool, Manchester United etc ... But really, for the moment, we have not yet discussed it internally.

"I admit that there are other agents who talk to me about proposals from important teams, but for the moment, I remain quiet in my corner. I continue my work and the rest, my agent and my team will take care of it. Because whatever happens, you need the backing of the club."

Sarr did reveal that he had a soft spot for Liverpool and said he would be open to joining them if they made the offer before adding that he hopes to play in the Champions League and would not say no to a move to a bigger side.

"Liverpool are a really great team, everyone would love to play there," he said. "They won the Premier League this year and the Champions League last year. But also there are great teams in the English league. Frankly, I have yet to make a choice. If [he were to leave], I just hope it's to a good team."

Watford Observer:

"Everyone who works is looking for advancement. Maybe if Watford frees me one day I could go and play for a bigger team. Go and showcase my talent elsewhere and then win trophies.

"Playing the Champions League is a dream for all players. I have already had the pleasure of playing in the Europa League so if these teams want to have me in their squads, let them discuss it with Watford and find an agreement, I would not say no."

Reflecting on Watford's relegation from the Premier League, Sarr said it hurt him a lot that he was unable to help them avoid the drop, but that he felt it was what the club deserved for their performances throughout the season.

"Personally, the relegation of Watford hurt me a lot," he said. "I didn't think we would come to this. I told myself that we had to do everything not to go down in the Championship. However, we did our best to prevent this situation. You should know that this relegation is not the result of our last performances. Because during the season, we lost easy matches that had to be won. We also often fell at home. For example against Everton, we led 2-0 and finally we lost the match at 3-2. It wasn't because of the games against Arsenal, West Ham or Southampton, but it was long before."

Watford Observer:

Sarr's influence on Watford's season came later on in the campaign, with head coach number one Javi Gracia choosing not to use him quite as much as subsequent coaches Quique Sanchez Florez and Nigel Pearson.

The winger admits he found life difficult on arrival, but eventually he feels he took to the league pretty quickly.

That was no more evident than in the Hornets' 3-0 victory over Liverpool, in which he scored twice and set up the third. Sarr revealed that he had not even expected to start the match initially, but took great confidence from his inclusion in the starting lineup. The win also allowed him to get one over his international teammate and idol Sadio Mane.

"After my transfer to Watford, I had a lot of trouble adjusting," he said.

"It was not at all easy to join a country that I did not know before, to change the language, but also and especially football. Everything had changed. I went three or four months without playing. It was later, with the change of the first coach, that I started playing. I finally started my adaptation with the new coach. I went through the matches and I felt in my element. I was able to join in with the rhythm of the Premier League. Physically, I didn't have too much pain to impose myself.

"We prepared for this match as we did for all the others this season. I was coming back from an injury. I had come back during the match against Manchester, I had only played 10 short minutes. Against Liverpool, I didn't even think I would start the match. The coach had confidence in me, he put me among the starters. Liverpool are a great club, but you had to make a difference and try to win, but above all not to lose. We were looking for at least one point if we did not have all three.

Watford Observer:

"Seriously, when I enter a field, it's to win. It's my job and I love it when it's done well. I don't ask myself a question. I also don't worry about who I play against, whether we're a brother or not. Sadio, my big brother, came to win and so did I. Someone of us had to win and it fell on me. Fortunately I had the chance to win and we moved on. It didn't change anything in our relationship as brothers."

As well as Mane, Sarr has developed a strong relationship with Watford captain Troy Deeney, who the former Rennes man described as a both a good teammate and captain.

"Our captain is a really good person," said Sarr. "He is very nice to everyone. In the field, when we make mistakes, he comes to us and helps us stop making mistakes with advice and encouragement. When Sadio asked him to take care of me, it brought us closer even though we have a good relationship. He always cares about what I'm doing and helps me progress better. He's a good teammate and a good captain."