Watford legend Luther Blissett has called on people to follow coronavirus guidelines in a heartfelt message.

The former Hornets striker is encouraging people in Watford to have “team spirit” by following the rules and caring for vulnerable people in the town.

And with fans not yet allowed back in stadiums due to COVID-19, Blissett said that “we are more than a town” and “have always been family beyond the pitch”.

In an inspiring tweet, Blissett said: “We all want our lives back & football. But lets follow rules & care for those more vulnerable and not make them feel they count for less.

“Check on neighbours. Include them safely. Team spirit! We are Watford.”

The message comes during a ‘COVID-19 action week’ in Watford, with the town’s council working with police to control the virus in the borough.

It comes after London and most of Essex moved into a Tier 2 lockdown, meaning people living in these areas cannot socialise with people they do not live with, in indoor settings like homes, pubs, and restaurants, unless they are part of a support bubble.

Hertfordshire as a whole has been placed as a medium-alert area (Tier 1) in the Government’s new system of local COVID-19 alert levels.

Watford council’s protection team is working with police to talk to businesses and ensure they are abiding to social distancing and curfew rules.

Head of Community Protection at the council Justine Hoy said: “It sounds like an odd thing to say but we need everyone to act as if they have Covid-19 and don’t want to spread it - if you keep that idea in your head it will make you super careful wherever you are and whatever you are doing.”

Darryl Keen, from Hertfordshire’s Local Resilience Forum, said: “I’m pleading with everyone to act now to avoid our county moving to high-risk status for which there will be stricter, tougher measures introduced. Now is the time to redouble our efforts to keep the virus at bay.”