Watford head coach Vladimir Ivic is not interested in taking time to admire his work and is instead focused on picking up another win in his next game.

The Hornets are sitting third in the Championship table following their win over Blackburn Rovers on Wednesday, with four wins from their opening six games.

However, they face another tough opponent in Bournemouth this weekend and the Serbian said he will not be satisfied until the job is done.

“We don’t want to think about the points that we have until now, we want to think about the next game,” he said. “Not one of us can think that we are satisfied with 13 points and we can rest now. We cannot rest until the end. Our job is to work hard to prepare game by game and to give our maximum every day to achieve a victory. We will do it. We started to work in this way and we will finish working in this way.

“With this programme, we have to work with some discipline and this is my philosophy how I want to manage my team.”

While he knows that his work is far from done, Ivic is pleased with how his side have reacted to their situation mentally.

The 43-year-old said that learning how to win again after last season’s disaster of a Premier League campaign was the imperative to his side’s plans to regain their top flight status.

“It’s the most important thing,” he insisted. “For a team who has a target to get promoted. It doesn’t matter which club it is, it’s very important, especially when this club is coming from one period and one season where they got relegated, psychology is not easy and you have to prepare the team.

Watford Observer:

“For this programme that we have, for a lot of games, you need to fight game by game for victory. Not for draws, not for one point, not for zero points, for victory. This is something we are doing with them. We speak a lot with them, we try to prepare them psychologically. For every next game.

“This is the most important in this period, in the beginning of the Championship, to prepare the team to win the game and I said yesterday that we have to learn how to win every next game. For us with every next game, the target is three points and it’s not easy. Not for us not, not for anyone.

“But I believe in this process to learn, after this previous season, when you are relegated, and all of the players are disappointed, and they start the season with a bad mood from them, because I felt it when I came here that the situation is not very good and I understand why we need to spend a lot of time with them, to speak with them, to work with them, day by day, and to try to prepare them. This is what we are working now.”

This weekend Ivic will be preparing his side to face one of the sides relegated with Watford last season for the first time.

While he acknowledges it will be difficult, he insists his players have what it takes to find another important win.

“Yes, Bournemouth are in a similar situation to us,” he said. “They were relegated in the previous year, they are now a team who want to go back up to the Premier League. They’re a tough opponent with a lot of quality players, we know that we have on Saturday, one very very tough game, like the game we had yesterday.

“I believe in my guys, and I believe that we will prepare our game to give our best. Like every game until now and to fight until the last second of the game for victory.”