Troy Deeney spoke about how he was close to leaving Watford over the summer transfer window.

The Watford striker admitted that there were “a lot of talks” with various Premier League clubs during the summer – with some stages reaching further than others.

In fact, Deeney told talkSPORT that he saw Spurs manager José Mourinho at a pre-season game, backing reports that Tottenham was one of his options.

Deeney said: “I’m what – 32, a lot of clubs were looking for a different style of striker as a back-up.”

He continued: "So yeah there was a lot of talks, some things materialised, obviously some things didn't and then the ones that were getting closer, you start thinking 'are you ready to go back to the Premier League to be a bit-part player'?

"And obviously I've been at Watford for 10 years, so then you start weighing up the options of 'are you ready to call it a day' kind of thing, because when you start going into that mould of being a super sub you can't really go back."

Deeney was linked with Tottenham following the Hornet’s relegation, and despite sticking with Watford he spoke of his admiration for Tottenham as the “big boys” and what they can offer compared to smaller clubs.

During the summer he was also linked with other Premier League clubs including West Ham and West Brom.

Talking about how things are with the Hornets right now, Deeney said: “They are alright. We are working though some issues. We should hopefully be back on the pitch in ten days or so.

“The manager is quality to be fair.”