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With heavy-hitting, smack talk, and ‘man mountains’ going toe to toe in the heavyweight division, boxing is a sport that has stolen the hearts of UK sports bettors.

With that said, let’s look at how you can bet on boxing, and how you can take advantage of our boxing betting tips to increase your chances of success.

Expert predictions for upcoming fights

It would be fair to say that 2020 has been a somewhat turbulent year for arranging sporting events, regardless of what sport you are actually following. This has been true for boxing as well, so while there are only a handful of huge fights to look forward to that have already been announced, there are also other fights that could well be announced at any point over the coming weeks and months. We have decided to come up with some predictions for a blend of these fights, so please, enjoy our tips and predictions through the information below.

Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte - Round 2

Watford Observer:

This could be a really interesting fight, especially since everybody had Dillian Whyte down to win the first one. If you watched the fight, Dillian Whyte was dominating through all of the opening rounds but then Povetkin came through and knocked him out with a bit of a killer blow. This TKO victory proved to be a major shock, and it even caused serious disruption concerning who would fight who next in the heavyweight division.

These guys are now scheduled to faceoff on November 21, of course, with this bout being the rematch of the initial upset that Povetkin won. Given the nature of the win for Povetkin in the first match, and considering that Whyte was dominating the fight up until that TKO, we feel that Whyte will sneak the win here.

Not only is Whyte a better all-around fighter than Povetkin, in our opinion, but his career is quite literally on the line here, as Eddie Hearn has recently stated. Whyte absolutely has to win here to get his shot at a heavyweight title bout, and we feel that he won’t make the same mistakes that he made in the first meeting.

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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. (Exhibition)

Watford Observer:

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t excited about this upcoming exhibition match, then you aren’t a true boxing fan. While this one might be listed as an exhibition match, there is still plenty of betting interest, and it’s fair to say that Tyson won’t be treating this fight as a gentle day out in the park. As you probably know, Tyson was an absolute brute in his day, and Roy Jones Jr might have a rather tough fight on his hands here.

Interestingly, while ‘Iron Mike’ was called one of the most ruthless boxers in history, Roy Jones Jr actually has more knockouts than Tyson, with 47 to his name. Tyson has 44 knockouts to his name, and the guys are actually very similar in stature too. When you compare the career path of these guys, we believe that Roy Jones Jr will win the bout, especially since he fought successfully as recently as 2017, with a victory against Scott Sigmon.

Even though this is an exhibition match, you can still explore the betting markets and place some wagers.

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Joshua vs Pulev

Watford Observer:

This clash was initially scheduled for June 2020, but of course, things changed and now the fight is still awaiting a venue and a date. However, the fight will definitely be taking place, whether at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021, and it will be a great fight - that’s for sure. Of course, Joshua is the favourite, as well as the title holder, but Pulev is not going to be a pushover by any means.

Pulev has actually had a very profound professional career so far, with 29 fights and 28 wins, combined with 14 KOs compared to Joshua’s 21 KOs. When you compare the style of these two fighters, it’s clear that Joshua hits harder and is more athletic, but as we said, Pulev won’t go down without a fight - quite literally.

Whenever this fight does get announced, we are still shooting for a knockout from Anthony Joshua, although this might come after the first few rounds.

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Fury vs Wilder - Round 3

Watford Observer:

Just like the Joshua vs Pulev fight, this one will definitely be happening, but it is unclear when it will take place as of yet. If you follow boxing, you will know that Fury didn’t claim the title in the initial bout between these guys, as the fight ended in a controversial draw. When Fury fought Wilder for the return, however, Fury looked like an entirely new fighter than the one we witnessed in the first clash. He managed to absolutely dismantle Wilder, with an impressive victory.

Although ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is a lethal fighter that has plenty of power, Fury managed to end him in the 7th by way of TKO.  When they do clash again, we believe that Fury will utilise the same tactic and claim the victory. However, Wilder will no doubt make some changes and try to keep his distance a bit more than he did in their second fight.

One thing is for sure - this fight will be an absolute blockbuster, and there will be bonuses galore at online sportsbooks.

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Boxing betting FAQs

Whenever a big fight is announced, it always sends shockwaves through the betting market, and with good reason. The very best bookies tend to come up with exciting bonuses, huge odds, and of course, sports bettors flood into the markets in their thousands.

Can I live stream major boxing fights through my online betting accounts?

This is an interesting one, as you can live stream certain fights that are being held on the same night as the main event. However, the actual headline fight is often not available for you to live stream due to viewing restrictions. This is largely because these fights are usually ‘pay per view’ fights, which is what pulls in a significant amount of revenue.

What kind of bonuses can I find for boxing?

You can find a whole range of bonuses for boxing, including in-play free bets, profit boosts on certain outcomes, betting insurance, and so many others. This all depends on the online bookmaker that you choose to bet with, and boxing bets can usually be found in the promotions link of the site.

Can I bet on boxing from my mobile device?

Yes. Since you will be betting on boxing through an online sportsbook, these sites will usually have an accompanying mobile site and even a native app at the top sites in the market. You can use these mobile betting platforms to place your bets and explore the markets at will.

What are the main types of bets to make?

There are several different kinds of boxing bets that you can make, including the popular moneyline markets, method of victory, in-play bets, accumulator style bets, number of knockdowns, and plenty of others.

Are there any big names I should look out for?

Absolutely. The biggest names in boxing tend to come through the heavyweight division, and right now, you should definitely keep an eye out for fighters such as Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Alexander Povetkin.

How often can I bet on big boxing fights?

The number of big boxing fights that emerge is somewhat dependent on the agents that actually come together and arrange the fights. With that said, there is usually a major fight taking place at least once per month across the various weight divisions, and we would encourage you to stay on top of the news to see when these fights are announced.

Can I cash-out my boxing wagers?

Yes. The very best online sportsbooks will have cashouts and other major features associated with boxing betting. The only thing with cashouts is that depending on where the fight is taking place, you might need to stay up late so that you can actually see when a cash-out offer is made available, and then you can decide whether to execute the cash-out or not.

Is there a way to create my own betting market?

Interestingly, many online sportsbooks now do have a way for you to make your own betting markets. In order to do this, you should keep an eye out for something called a ‘bet builder’ tool, and here you can combine several different markets into one single bet. This can be done for practically all of the top boxing fights, and it's a great way to customise your betting experience.

General boxing betting advice

Watford Observer:

Now that we have discussed some predictions for the upcoming and recently announced boxing fights, let’s now go into some more general details that you can use when betting on boxing.

Look at the fighting styles before betting

It goes without saying that different boxers have different styles, and some match-up much better than others. A prime example of this was when Anthony Joshua lost to Andy Ruiz before he claimed his titles back. Ruiz was much shorter than Joshua, and this exposed a weakness in AJ’s armour that we hadn’t seen before. Therefore, we would recommend looking at the styles and how they compare before placing your bets.

Watch the fight and make in-play bets

Live betting on any sport can always present a lot of profit opportunities. In boxing, it is always highly beneficial to watch the fight if you can, as this will give you a better idea of how the fight is going and who is most likely to win. Don’t always pay attention to the moneyline markets when live betting either, as the method of victory, number of knockdowns, and other markets can prove to be quite hot indeed.

Look at individual fighter news

Just like any other sport, any kind of injury news or a change in coach, as an example, can cause a massive difference in the potential winner of a fight.  With that said, fights can often be announced several months in advance, and we would advise that you follow the news closely for such details. In addition to this, experts will often give their views on a fight, with interviews available online, and they will even address news stories when making their predictions.

Use bonuses for more value

Once you do have an account open with online sportsbooks, we would recommend that you make use of as many bonuses as possible for boxing. By using bonuses, you can effectively bet on fights without technically using your own cash. This is, of course, dependent on the type of bonus, but it’s always going to be beneficial to bet with a bonus compared to betting without one.

Where to bet on boxing

Watford Observer:

In order to bet on boxing, whether the fight is taking place in the UK or abroad, you will need to sign up with an online sportsbook to gain access to the markets. We would suggest signing up with leading online sportsbooks like these to bet on boxing:

  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • bet365
  • 888 Sport
  • Paddy Power
  • Coral

The choice is ultimately yours!

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