Ben Foster is close to an agreement with the EFL that will permit him to continue uploading footage from Watford games to his YouTube channel.

While nothing has officially been signed yet, the Watford Observer understands that both parties are hopeful of concluding matters before the end of this week, with just one or two smaller details yet to be agreed.

Foster's channel on the video sharing site is in breach of EFL broadcast regulations because of the fact it shows footage from matches, but the goalkeeper wanted to continue running it to allow supporters a chance to get a closer look at matchdays while they are not permitted to enter stadiums due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Watford Observer:

However, the EFL has now agreed to licence the footage to the goalkeeper for a fee, which will be donated to the league's official charity, Mind and believe Foster had no ill-intent with his channel, which they saw as little more than a misunderstanding.

The former England international had suggested the donation in a discussion with TalkSport, who raised the question about the breach of regulations.

“It was just kind of getting the seeds sown for the cycling career after football, that is what it was originally. But it has garnered a lot of views, a lot of interest, a lot of media attention," said Foster at the time.

“Mind is the EFL charity partner for mental health. And if I have to donate money, then brilliant, so be it.

“I think it just needs a bit of a conversation really. Hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement.”