Vladimir Ivic has said he is the person responsible for Watford's inconsistent form this season and that it is up to him to work out where things have gone wrong.

The head coach said his players had played without passion and energy during their 1-1 draw with Queens Park Rangers on Saturday, but insists the buck stops with him, as he tries to rectify the Hornets' problems in a difficult game at Bristol City tomorrow evening.

"The responsibility every time is the coach's responsibility," said Ivic. "I never stay out of responsibility. If a team doesn't have results, or they don't achieve their goal from their game, it's the responsibility of the team and the coach. It's totally normal for me, I never stay away and say it's not my responsibility. It's not me.

"In the previous game, maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I did some wrong substitutions at half-time, maybe I didn't do something else what I should have done, when I could have done it. This is totally normal in football, and I'm not a man who doesn't take responsibility. I take responsibility every time it's my responsibility."

The Serbian said he is constantly thinking about changes he could be making to his team in order to make them better.

Watford Observer:

However, he believes that the change in style and philosophy he is trying to instil in his players is taking some time to adapt to, as is the change in opposition from Premier League clubs to Championship clubs.

"Our squad is what determines the players who will be with us," he said. "We need to try to find a solution, how I can use them, where I can put them and if I can change sometimes our formation. And believe me, 24/7 I think about this. That is my job.

"We know that in the previous year the target was to stay back and try to do something on the counter-attack. Now we want to play different. This is the process of where we want to change a lot of things. If you want to play high and if you want to have control of the game, you must be ready for the possession, and for the fast reaction when you lose the ball for fast transition games in defence and all these things we tried to do."

Asked if he was at least a little bit satisfied after taking a point against Queens Park Rangers, keeping the Hornets in the playoff spots and just two points off top spot, Ivic said: "My philosophy is to win every game and in this championship we have a lot of good teams.

Watford Observer:

"Everybody can beat everybody. But again, I believe that my squad. I believe in this team. I know what is the quality of this team.

"If you ask me if I'm satisfied with one point against QPR, I am not. And I don't expect for my team to be happy with one point."