Vladimir Ivic is much more positive about his Watford side following their game with Bristol City, despite the fact they failed to score.

The head coach changed to a more attacking 4-3-3 formation than the 5-3-2 he had played in every game before and it produced a much more dominant, imposing display than the Hornets have come up with in previous matches.

Even though the game finished goalless, the Serbian said he saw a lot of things he liked in the display and that his side looked like they were playing for each other.

"I'm much more positive now than after the previous game," said Ivic. "The result is the same, we took one point, in both games we played for three points. Maybe in the previous game we created some better chances, but today we had what I want my team to have. High pressure, to react when we lose the ball, to follow and support each other and to work like one. I believe we worked together like one and this is the way how we want to play and how we want to improve our game."

Ivic acknowledged the lack of creativity in attack, with his players creating just one shot on target, but he feels that they are a team heading in the right direction.

"We were dominant for the first 60 minutes," he said. "I believe we lost control between 60 and 80 minutes. We had one good chance with Domingos (Quina) but we had some other chances in the first-half, some shots form distance, one good chance with Craig Cathcart, who missed the goal and sometimes the chances, could be good chances, but without [producing] a goal. 

"We were dominant, we were the team who tried to play who kept the ball with good possession and it was totally different than the first game after this international break. I believe we played with more energy, with a lot of pressing from my players and this is something that we want to do and how we want to play."