Vladimir Ivic expects his Watford players to play with the same aggression and intensity as they did in their last game against Preston North End as he focuses on climbing further up the Championship table.

The Serbian has been very open about his aim to get the Hornets promoted back to the Premier League this season and said if they play with the same discipline and control they showed in their previous two matches, they will have a good chance of progressing further.

"Our performance started to change in the previous game against Bristol," said Ivic. "We did a lot of things different than in the previous matches and these things, it's something that we want to keep.

"We want to improve and we want to play the way how we played in the last two games. Now, is it possible to do it every game? I believe, yes.

"But don't forget we have an opponent against us, who will try to do the best and in my head, we need to think about ourselves to prepare game by game, to work hard and to give every second during the game, our maximum with discipline in our decisions and tactical movements.

"It doesn't matter if it's in attack or defence. We want to go forward."

Trying to prevent Watford from producing a similar display is Nottingham Forest, who have had a difficult start to the season and are already on their second manager.

Watford Observer:

However, Ivic said their position is a false one and believes they deserve to be in a much stronger position in the table.

"It's a very tough game," he said. "We know that position is not a realistic position. They're a good team and they have a good manager.

"They are in this position because a lot of games maybe they lost when they didn't need to lose because it was a 50/50, like in the last game against Swansea.

"Again, this is football. Sometimes you can be better and you can lose, sometimes you can be the team who didn't deserve to win but still win the game.

"We need to think about ourselves to prepare ourselves to improve our game, and to work how we worked in the last two games to achieve three points."