Vladimir Ivic thinks Watford need to work out the problems with their away form if they have hopes of getting promoted this season.

Speaking after a dull goalless game against Nottingham Forest, the head coach said that he was not satisfied, with the Hornets having won just three times on the road since November, only one of which was under his guidance.

The Serbian said the team needed to improve their form on the road and that the players knew that their performance had not been good enough.

"I believe that with the players what we have, all of them understand that we cannot be satisfied with our away games," said Ivic "And we are looking to find the solution.

"It doesn't matter if you play home or away because we know what is our goal and, you know, we don't see the game as home and away, where you win at home and to maybe draw or lose away. No, the goal is the same.

"We prepare ourselves every game before for three points. Sometimes we know that in away games, in the last maybe 11 months, we won just one game and it's something that's not good for the team who want to be promoted.

"We need to work. We need to believe in ourselves."

Ivic suggested that his players could have been suffering with fatigue after playing largely the same team for the last three matches.

Centre back Craig Cathcart had to be substituted after picking up a hamstring injury and the head coach said perhaps he should have rotated his side more to prevent such a problem.

"It's not good news I believe that it's some hamstring issue," said Ivic on the Northern Ireland international. "We'll see tomorrow after he'll do the MRI, but he's a very important player for us guys.

"Maybe sometimes, where you have this ability to share and to change, you should do it. In this position we have players, maybe it was my mistake because I didn't rest him because it's his third game.

"Sometimes when the player wants to play this is good that you have a player who wants to fight and who wants to play but you know sometimes when you ask them if they are tired, they say 'No, I'm not not' maybe they are. I believe he will soon be soon be with us and this injury what he what he got today, is not something difficult."