Former Watford head coach Nigel Pearson has this week described club-controlled journalism as "dictatorial".

With the majority of clubs now hiring in-house journalists, Pearson said it was important to have independent reporters to avoid only getting a club's perspective on stories.

Speaking to students from De Montfort University, the former Hornets boss also explained the purpose of the press conference and what he expects when facing sports journalists.

“If I’m doing a press conference or any interviews, I know the ground rules: I’ve got a job to do and so have you," said Pearson.

“I’ve sat in some press conferences and been grilled by very tenacious, well-prepped, well-read journalists who know their stuff.

Picture: Action Images

Picture: Action Images

“If all we get is journalism from the perspective of the football club, we’re moving towards a dictatorial state and that’s not what we are.

“If we don’t have [independent journalism] we may as well not bother, we may as well live in a Communist state where we’re taught not to think.”