Ken Sema is expecting a tough battle for Watford away at Luton Town in tomorrow's derby match.

The Hornets are moving closer to Premier League promotion week by week, but know their rivals will offer them a difficult match in the unique settings of Kenilworth Road this weekend.

Speaking to the club website about the match, the Swedish winger said the aim was to score as many as they can to make the fans happy.

"It will be a hard game because it's away," said Sema.

"It will be a tight game, with a lot of duels but it will open up and we play more attacking. We'll have the opportunity to score goals and hopefully we will score a few. We know how we play the game and how we want to play games. We know the quality we have and we are in a really good moment. I think we can improve even more."

If the players were not aware before of how important this game is to the supporters, this week they will certainly have found out via social media.

Sema said he has enjoying the online interactions with the fans and knows how big the game is as a result.

"I knew how it's a big game for the fans," he said.

"The fans are great on social media. They get behind the team and the players, and it will be normal they cheer us on and send us good stuff.

Watford Observer:

"We'll all be happy and excited for them if we can win. It's a shame the fans can't be there as we know how much this means to them and the club. You see the fans speaking about the game, you see the headlines and you know it's something different."