Watford head coach Xisco Munoz immediately called his family to celebrate after the Hornets earned promotion to the Premier League.

The Spaniard was emotional after full time and revealed that he had been absent from his wife and children for six months, but said achieving his goal of promotion to the top flight made the difficult moments worthwhile.

The boss was quickly drenched in beer by his players after the final whistle but also found time to Facetime his family back in Spain – his wife, six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.

“I have been away from my kids for six months and it is very hard sometimes to be without the family,” he said. “For me it is very nice when I can go back home.

“I finished the game immediately and spoke to them. My daughter always asks me why her father never picks her up from school, so today I am very happy because although I have missed spending time with them I have a big dream in my life.”

After other important victories this season, Munoz has said he and his players will enjoy a beer before thinking about the next match.

After finally achieving their target, the head coach said his players would likely enjoy a few more.

"Today I think they can have more than five beers," he said. "Today it's important to enjoy because we've arrived at our goal and in this situation it's the moment to say congrats.

"Now they can arrive at home, get a take out and drink two beers or three beers."