Talks between Ashley Young and Watford have continued this week as the player gets closer to a decision on his future.

Sources in Italy have claimed a deal could be as much as "90 per cent complete", while club sources are less vehement in their assessment of the situation, suggesting some work still needs to be done before that stage is reached.

Either way, it shows that the full-back, who has previously claimed he would be open to a return to Watford, is taking the approach seriously.

Other options are on the table for Young and a deal has not been agreed just yet, nor has a formal offer been made.

However, both parties are understood to be enthusiastic about the idea.

Last summer the 35-year-old spoke to the official Watford FC podcast and said: "If I had the opportunity to go back and finish my career at Watford, I would jump at the chance.

"I would walk from Italy right now because it's what I know, it's where I come from and it's what allowed me to be who I am and get where I am."

Sky Sports reported earlier today that discussions had centred around a one year deal, after the player turned down the option of a new deal at the San Siro.

Club captain Troy Deeney threw his support behind a move for Young earlier in the year, saying: "We need a mixture and you would obviously like to get some Premier League experience in there.

"I'm pretty much like everybody else, I'm completely out of the loop, but you see these things like Youngy being mentioned, that'd be great. He has experience, plus he knows what the club's about."