Aberdeen boss Stephen Glass has addressed Watford's bids for Lewis Ferguson and said the club simply found them unacceptable.

The Hornets made two offers for the midfielder earlier in the summer, the first around £1.2million before upping it to £2million.

Both were rejected by the Scottish club, leading to the player handing in a transfer request, which was also turned down by the Dons.

This led to an appeal from the player's agent, Bill McMurdo, who said the club had broken a "gentleman's agreement" to allow him to leave if a Premier League offer came his way.

He told the Daily Mail: "I am upset because this is an opportunity for Lewis to realise his ambition and I think the club are going back on their word and the gentleman’s agreement we had.

“I think they are holding out for a massive amount for him and I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Glass, who is himself a former Watford player, was asked about the offers from the Hornets and said that Ferguson would remain with Aberdeen unless an "acceptable" offer came in for him.

“Obviously, I was aware of it and knew it happened," he told the Daily Record.

“You never want players that want to leave your club, of course you don’t.

“But it is not as black and white as the player wants to leave a club.

“There have been opportunities presented to him and he believes they are better for him.

“We know we have a really talented player on our hands.

“We know it is important that we nurture him in the right way.

“Until somebody comes along with a bid that the club finds acceptable he is going to play for us.

“In terms of handling it I spoke to Lewis about it, I spoke to him about it before it happened.

“I spoke to him while it was happening and I have spoken to him since.

“I have no doubts on Lewis’ mentality.

“The reason he will be in demand is because he is a top player.”