Watford's hire-and-fire model for head coaches may be seen as brutal by some, but Craig Cathcart insists results show it works for the club.

Xisco Munoz was shown the door this weekend following a 1-0 loss to Leeds, with the Spaniard given less than 10 months in charge, despite guiding them to promotion last term. He left the Hornets 15th in the Premier League with seven points from as many games.

Cathcart learned the news in a text message from his sister as he relaxed with family on Sunday, but though initially surprised the 32-year-old has become used to the process in his seven years at Vicarage Road.

"That's the way the owners do things," he said. "They have things in place, they make a decision and change things quickly. It's what they've done over the years and it's worked so we can't dwell too much on it. For us as players we have to accept it and get behind the new manager.

"I think if you look at the success over the last five or six years, we've sustained success. Obviously we had that long stint in the Premier League, we went down and we bounced straight back up so you can't really say too many bad things about it. It works well."

Claudio Ranieri will become the 11th different manager Cathcart has played for at Watford, and the highest-profile appointment as a Premier League winner with Leicester.

"We have to look forward to it," Cathcart added. "He's got a lot of experience in the Premier League, he's won the Premier League so it's a new coach, a new challenge for everybody. Hopefully he can come in and help us achieve our goals."