Two weeks ago I predicted that if the team did not get enough points from the games against Wolves, Norwich, Newcastle and Leeds, the manager would be sacked.

True to form, it happened following a poor performance against Leeds.

Words fail me. How many times have I said in your columns that the knee-jerk reaction of the board reeks of panic?

Why cannot the Pozzos accept that it’s not just down to the manager to get results - the players must take the brunt of responsibility.

The bottom line is that because the teams in the Premier League have in the main so much quality, to stand a chance of competing at this level, any squad worth its salt needs to have players of if not a similar standard but close to that standard.

Sadly we lost the likes of Deulofeu, Hughes and Doucoure, who were the backbone of the previous team, and much as I regret saying it, apart from Ismaila Sarr, the current squad just does not in my opinion have enough quality to get results at this level.

Munoz did a good job getting the team promoted from the Championship with a solid group of players, following which the board basically discarded that group, and then started the panic buying of players who in my view do not have a better pedigree than those who got us up.

So I feel really sorry for Xisco. Once again the manager has been sacrificed because of the desperation that the board have to keep the club in the Premier League for what quite clearly are its huge financial benefits.

I will be the first to admit that it is wonderful for our supporters to marvel at the likes of Ronaldo, De Bruyne and Jorginho, but surely there then comes a point when the board must take a more stoical view and give the manager a decent period to get results.

The Italian saying of “que sera sera” does just not appear to be in the vocabulary of these owners, and while they have in the main helped a small club compete in football’s elite, I think it’s about time that they ended this ridiculous policy of hiring and firing managers, which just makes the club a laughing stock.

Neil Frais

Hazeldene Drive, Pinner