The daughter of Giampaolo Pozzo and Watford's marketing strategic coordinator Magda Pozzo has claimed that she is planning to sell the naming rights to Vicarage Road.

In an interview with Gulf News, the Italian spoke of what she considered to be the benefits of selling the naming rights to Udinese's Stadio Friuli, now known as the Dacia Arena, and said she was hoping to do something similar at the Vic.

"It is important on the financial aspect but mostly we want to create partnerships and synergies with partners to improve their brand," she said.

"And that happened for us with Dacia, starting a new era in football and developing our commercial relations.

"Among other things, with Watford, I am promoting synergies in the interests of the sponsors of the two clubs, which have different target markets. In Italy, we were the first to sponsor the name of the stadium, and I want to do the same with Watford.

"To have a privately owned stadium is of course an opportunity for us to have high standards in terms of infrastructure, comfort and services for our fans, which unfortunately are not common in Italy.

"Udinese’s stadium is appreciated all over Europe which is why it hosted the Final of 2019 UEFA Under-21 Championship. We have a 365-days-per-year strategy to utilize our stadium for a variety of events and meeting activities to drive commercial revenue for B2B customers.

"Our idea is that the stadium shouldn’t just be active on match days. It should be open 365 days a year and it is key that the club focuses on ideas and projects that are not related to only the actual games."