A Watford fan has praised fellow supporters who came to his aid following a nasty fall at Vicarage Road.

Stephen Cecil had been looking forward to the Hornets’ match against Manchester United on Saturday and had travelled from his home in Rickmansworth to see the game.

But as he joined the queue to get into Vicarage Road, he tripped and hit his face on the ground.

“When I went down, it was quite slow but I went to ground and my face hit the concrete,” the 72-year-old said.

“I was just lying there and was bleeding from the bridge of my nose.”

Watford Observer: Stephen Cecil hit his face on the floor when he fell Stephen Cecil hit his face on the floor when he fell

But people were quick to come to his aid, with one woman in the queue rushing over to help stop the bleeding.

Mr Cecil said security also came over to help, with people passing by also offering to assist.

The ambulance service then arrived and took him to the medical room to patch him up.

Mr Cecil said: “I stayed in the medical centre for around half an hour and they asked if I wanted my seat. But I wanted to go home, I was a bit shaken up.”

However, Mr Cecil said the amount of people that wanted to help him “could restore your faith in human nature”.

Watford Observer: Mr Cecil fell at Vicarage Road (photo Action Images)Mr Cecil fell at Vicarage Road (photo Action Images)

He said: “I want to praise everybody that helped me. I can't remember everyone but they know who they are and I express my appreciation to them.

“I also want to say thank you to the paramedics as they were outstanding.

“I can’t fault anyone, people in Watford were in hurry to get to the game but still stopped to help me which was wonderful.”