Plans to celebrate Watford’s centenary at Vicarage Road this summer are progressing at pace but organisers are still keen to hear from anyone who has any stadium artefacts or original old photographs.

‘The Brewers’, as they were then nicknamed, played their first game at their current home on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 30, 1922 when 8,618 supporters watched them draw 0-0 with Millwall in Division Three South.

A group of fans have been working with the club for more than a year collating people’s memories and memorabilia to be used in a number of events and activities to mark the centenary, including a book, video material and a celebratory event at the stadium.

Geoff Wicken, who chairs the 100 Years at the Vic project, is pleased with the material gathered so far, but says it is not too late for people to get in touch if they salvaged items from the ground that would otherwise have been lost forever.

He said: “We are aware of a turnstile and the whereabouts of some of the lettering from the old Watford Observer clock is known. These were things that were basically lifted out of skips when the club was throwing them out.

“The club don’t want them back, they won’t be pursuing people who ended up with them,” he smiled, “but if there were pieces of the stadium then those would still be welcome. Or original old photographs from Grevilles or Downer, when the Watford Observer used to commission photographs from local firms rather than having its own photographers.”

Watford Observer:

The intention is to publish the book in August to coincide with the centenary and Geoff explained: “It will include a large number of images from the 100 years of Vicarage Road having been a football ground and subsequently a football stadium, as well as lots of stories from supporters, players and staff and the historical context of how things have evolved.”

It is hoped a celebration will be held on a matchday close to the date of the centenary, while other plans include a range of merchandise available through the club shop and a special set of signage around the stadium.

Geoff said: “It’s really all geared to helping people reminisce and reflect on the stadium as a place of belonging and their own memories.

“There will be plenty of stuff from the recent past as well because memories are being created all the time through particular games or just things that happen at the stadium that mean a lot to a person.

“There will be quite a few things that we put out in the book or perhaps in the video that revolve around things that have been volunteered by supporters.

“We have got some supporters’ tales that go right back and we’ve had one or two from people who can recall particular events from the thirties, their first match being prior to the Second World War breaking out.

“It’s lovely to hear from people who were at Vicarage Road in the thirties. It really draws a connection through to the present day.”

If you have any memories or memorabilia you’d like to share, email or contact the club by post.