Moussa Sissoko has issued a rallying cry to Watford supporters ahead of this evening's game against Norwich City.

The captain has urged fans to avoid staying at home and watching the match on television and instead wants to see Vicarage Road full for what could be a hugely important game in the relegation fight.

In an email, the skipper wrote: "For all of the players, I am going to ask you to take a decision to be here tomorrow night to support us against Norwich.
I know this message is going to everyone who has a ticket for tomorrow, SO please make a big decision and come to Vicarage Road rather than watch the game on TV.

I have not been here a long time, but I can tell from the Manchester United game that it doesn't matter what the size of the stadium is when the sound is big and the feelings are strong. This was some amazing atmosphere with all the colours in the stadium as well.

We appreciate that it has been difficult to come along to games for many reasons, and it Covid or something else has stopped you coming then we are sorry to hear this.

So if you can be here for us then we would be very grateful; for all the players who love extra support and the great atmosphere here."

Ahead of the game the club will be honouring Graham Taylor, shortly after the fifth anniversary of his death.

Scarves will be raised aloft prior to kick off as fans remember the most successful manager in their club's history.

Sissoko has urged fans to get involved with the display.

"I know the club has plans for a special evening, to remember Graham Taylor," he continued. "I did not know him, but it is obvious why there would be celebrations for everything he has done for Watford.

So please bring along your scarf, bring your loud voices and make sure they can hear you on the TV. Like I said, I know what a full stadium sounds like here and it makes a massive difference."