Every time Watford Football Club owner Mr Gino Pozzo decides to change his football manager he immediately receives lots of criticism from fans writing letters to the editor (‘Stop the madness’, Watford Observer, January 28).

With his hand on the tiller, Mr Pozzo has steered Watford FC on a course that has seen a tremendous amount of success since he took over the club nine and half years ago now. During that time the fans have seen two promotions from the Championship, six seasons in the Premier League, a play-off final at Wembley, two FA Cup semi-finals and a FA Cup final. With these examples of success and achievements then, categorically speaking, there is no madness every time Mr Pozzo decides to change his football manager.

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Watford FC celebrates Watford’s centenary at the Vic this summer. For those first 50-odd years the club could only manage to languish in the lower divisions of the football league. Today’s fans have no idea what it was like at that time, when chairman Rigby Taylor would distribute one Keens pork pie to each player on the charabanc on their return journey after playing an away game. As much as Keens were famous for their pork pies in the town, I know my old mate Reg Saphin was never impressed when he received his!

In 1976 things changed dramatically when Elton John took over. Then, by 1977, Elton John’s Taylor-made army was well on the march, achieving three promotions to the top division of the Football League and staying there for six seasons. After the Elton John/Graham Taylor era came to an end in 1987 only a couple of spasmodic accomplishments were achieved in the following years until Mr Pozzo took over and ‘stopped the madness’ of the previous owner’s unsuccessful attempts of running Watford Football Club.

With Mr Hodgson and Mr Lewington now at the helm, I am sure they will steer a course making every effort so that Watford FC avoids finishing up in stormy waters.

Ernie MacKenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford