Roy Hodgson has echoed the words of his assistant Ray Lewington and said he will not leave Watford before the end of the season, unless asked.

The manager confirmed during the week that he would not be staying beyond the end of the current campaign, as the club began its search for a replacement.

However, he is adamant that he will see this season out, unless the club wish to part ways earlier.

"We will offer [walking away] by all means if that's what the club wants," said Hodgson. "If the club would prefer us to step away, then of course we will do that, we will do what the club wants, but I'm not walking.

"I shall stay here doing what I think my job is until such time as they come to me and say 'look, we don't need you, so we're going to hand it over to somebody else'.

"That's their prerogative, if that's what they want to do, but that hasn't been the case so far. And until such time as that becomes the case, I'm determined to carry on here and carry on working properly as well.

"It's not going to be, 'right, we can't do any more now, so we'll prepare for the game differently'. We're going to prepare for the games in exactly the same way that we've been preparing, both in terms of our videos and in terms of our coaching on the field of play. And the players might be thinking there's going to be little five-a-sides from now on, but that won't be the case because we're going to keep plying our trade and trying to make the structure of the team better and trying to give ourselves a better chance when we go into the games."