Roy Hodgson has insisted he made an "honest mistake" by not applauding the Watford fans after Saturday's defeat to Crystal Palace and apologises to any fans who may have seen his actions as a "snub".

The manager was heavily criticised on social media for first not acknowledging the travelling supporters after they were relegated at Selhurst Park, and for then gratefully receiving praise from the home supporters, who had given him a warm reception because of the four years he spent there.

After the match, Hodgson said the away fans were "unfortunately a bit too far away" when asked why he had not gone over to thank them for their support during a game that had seen the Hornets fall out of the Premier League.

However, speaking ahead of tomorrow night's game against Everton, he said he wished he had gone to see the Hornets fans at the end of the match and explained that, at the time he was not trying to "identify" himself with his former side over his current one.

"I hope you'll print that, if the fans saw that as a snub in some way, please apologise," said Hodgson. "It definitely wasn't meant that way and I think I'm afraid my record is not one of going out and courting favour with fans.

"At Liverpool it cost me dearly from the beginning because I didn't realise that was what one was supposed to do. I thought my job was to coach the football team and win matches and not to stand and make the first thing I do to applaud the fans.

"It didn't occur to me, quite frankly, as I was walking off that this subject might come up. But when the subject did come up, of course, I understand it.

"I wish I'd have gone over to the Watford fans as well, of course. But I didn't, so I'll have to accept the criticism, but it was an honest mistake. And it certainly must in no way be put down to the fact that I was attempting to identify myself with Crystal Palace and not Watford.

"I was actually just responding to an incredible reception, which I hadn't gotten when I left the club because only 5,000 people were there when I played my final game, so a lot of the 20 or 25,000 over there didn't have the chance to give me that reception, which I was very flattered by."

Hodgson also said that he had been disappointed to see some of the reaction to his "mistake" and said that he hoped Watford supporters would understand that he shares their anguish after their demotion to the Championship.

"I'm disappointed that people can take such cheap shots at me, to suggest that I don't appreciate the Watford fans and appreciate their pain and their sorrow and their anger because of course I do," he said.

"I didn't walk all the way across to the far corner to applaud them, just as I haven't done in the home games either. But I expect them to understand and believe that I appreciate their support and I feel for them in this unfortunate moment."