Hassane Kamara has described Watford's relegation to the Championship as "disturbing and problematic".

The left back was named the club's player of the season ahead of their defeat to Leicester City at the weekend, despite having only joined midway through the campaign.

While he initially contributed to an improved defence, old habits soon returned and his efforts were not enough to prevent the Hornets from dropping into the relegation zone.

Speaking to the club website, the Ivorian said he had mixed emotions from this season, with recognition for his personal performances coming alongside a torrid season for Watford overall.

“I think I must have done certain things wrong because we conceded many goals, but I know I produced some great performances,” said Kamara.

“It’s a contrast of emotions and a mixture of feelings. Personally, I got what I wanted with more game time and some good performances. But, on the other hand, we are going down and we have lost many consecutive games.

“We are high-level players, and we are here to perform and get results. So, to go down is disturbing and problematic.”

Kamara has tasted relegation before with Reims and knows that the experience can be a positive one for the club if they approach it in the right way.

His hope is that a season in the Championship can help Watford to restructure and develop some stability.

“I am really annoyed at the fact we are being relegated, but sometimes it helps to restructure and stabilise a club, to then go back up with a solid shape,” he continued.

“With Reims, we went down and it took us two seasons to go back up, but it helped the club to grow as we finished eighth and sixth after being promoted. It can really have a positive impact to learn from our mistakes. It’s definitely an experience which can help me and the club.

“I arrived with a goal of playing a lot of games, which I did. I discovered this brilliant league with full stadiums and magnificent pitches. I have met great players and I have developed well defensively. I also understand what is required to stay in a league like this one. Not everything is to be thrown away.”