Former Watford manager Roy Hodgson is yet to speak to his successor Rob Edwards, but revealed the new head coach has his number.

After his final game in charge at Chelsea on Sunday, the now retired boss explained that he did not want to impose himself or his ideas onto the new head coach, but said he would be more than happy to answer any questions he might have.

Edwards will get to work on a plan to pull his new side out of the Championship this week, with this winter's World Cup resulting in an early start to next season.

Whether or not he wants to talk to his predecessor is entirely up to him.

"The club have given him my number and he was going to call me," said Hodgson. "This was about four or five days ago but I haven't had a phone call yet. And it's not for me to call him.

"I don't want to impose on him my thoughts on players and on the club. It'd be for him to find those things out.

"But if he's got specific questions that he thinks I can help him with, and help the club with, of course I'll be more than happy to do it."

Similarly, Hodgson said "the last thing" the club overall needed was any advice from him.

"The people who run the club, they've got very clear ideas of what they want, how they want the club to operate and how they want things to be," he continued.

"So the last thing they need is advice from me because some of the things that I might say might not fit in with their philosophy."