Watford's sporting director Cristiano Giaretta has cautioned that player trading may not be as immediate and prolific as supporters might expect.

The man who spearheads the club's recruitment was talking to a media outlet in Italy.

"We already have a great team to add a few elements to," the Italian former centre-half said.

"We experienced a second part of the season in an unfortunate way, so now we are keen to start over.

"We wanted to react immediately by appointing the manager and giving a strong signal. We are ready to go again."

Giaretta believes there won't be activity quickly and that would support what I was told when I spoke to the club about player movement recently.

As is often the case once the transfer window opens, there can be a domino effect from the very top of the Premier League downwards - and the Hornets are not the first domino.

The club have spent the weeks leading up to the transfer window working through their requirements with new manager Rob Edwards, who has had the chance to study the players already at Vicarage Road and decide where he needs new players.

However, the warning from Giaretta is that things may not explode into life.

“In reality, the market is sluggish for now," he explained.

"We believe we have to do little, but do it well.

"We have a very good squad for the Championship. We are already competitive - and we want to go up."