The notion that previous Watford managers had little or no say in the recruitment of players is wrong says chairman Scott Duxbury – and new boss Rob Edwards will have even more input than his predecessors.

“I understand there has been a belief that previous coaches have not been involved in the recruitment of players, and I can only say that is a misconception because they have,” Duxbury explained.

“The formation we play next season will be the formation that Rob wants. Then when Rob tells us he thinks we need a player within an area, we will identify players that fit what he wants and discuss them with him.

“What we are doing isn’t unique. I think most football clubs operate this way now.

“Rob will say ‘I need a player in this position with these characteristics’ - he doesn’t want or have the time to go trawling the world to find that player. He makes the request, and then it’s our job to go and find players and present Rob with a list. He comes back and says ‘that’s the one I want’ and then we go off and attempt to make that signing. I have to say it has been that way with every coach.”

There have been exceptions as some players have been brought to the club that weren’t expressly requested by the manager at the time.

"When we find what we feel is a true talent that the scouting network has unearthed we do bring them in,” said Duxbury. “The best recent example has been Joao Pedro. The next one we hope will be Yaser Asprilla. Rob had never heard of him, but he’s seen him play, he understands what he does and what he offers. It’ll be his choice if he uses him though.

“Rob will have even more of a say because he wants to play with younger players with real athleticism. So when it comes to the profile of players he wants to bring in, he will have a stronger view as to what he wants on the list, and then he will decide which players on that list we pursue.”

The Hornets chairman admits that part of the change in approach and culture that the club is making will also be reflected in player recruitment.

Duxbury said: “A key part of our re-evaluation of how we operate and the culture we want is to trust and believe in the young talent we have. We need to stop going into the transfer market to look for a solution when we have young players at the club already.

“We are changing and we have already changed. We have met with Richard Johnson and Jimmy Gilligan, and they have identified three players who they believe that can be part of our squad next season. We trust Johnno and Jimmy, so those players will be involved and we won’t be looking to recruit in those areas.

“The young players will be in the squad and be part of the plans, all in conjunction with Rob. By having that trust in our own players and not going to the transfer market, we will not be blocking pathways for younger players.”