Watford will always be open to ideas for a new stadium but chairman Scott Duxbury says he loves Vicarage Road and plans remain to extend the capacity of both the Sir Elton John and Graham Taylor stands.

“The idea of a new stadium has never been off the agenda, but personally I like staying where the history of a club is,” he said.

“This year marks 100 years at Vicarage Road, we’ve got Elton John playing live twice at the stadium. It’s our home and I love the place.

“If an opportunity comes along that is right for everybody, then we’d always be open to looking at it. But that’s never detracted from the stadium expansion plans. We are still in dialogue with the council and we still have plans for extension of both the Graham Taylor and Elton John stands.”

Duxbury said that he now feels he can show off Vicarage Road and its facilities, and it’s a mark of how Gino Pozzo has moved the club forward.

“I’m very proud of the stadium as it is now,” he said. “I’ve taken people from all walks of life inside Vicarage Road, and they are always wowed by it. Because it’s in a bowl it probably doesn’t look as impressive from the outside as it does once you get inside it.

“When Rob Edwards walked around on the pitch before our last home game he was taken aback by how impressive the stadium is and the noise our fans generated.

“It would have been a missed opportunity over the ten years we’ve been here if we hadn’t developed the stadium and grown the infrastructure, both at Vicarage Road and at the training ground. They are two places of which I am very proud.”