The one thing at Vicarage Road last season that was definitely of Premier League quality was the playing surface.

While the football on it from the Hornets didn’t earn them many plaudits, the work of Scott Tingley and his team in preparing the pitch was much heralded.

“Scott and his team have been nothing short of remarkable. If you think back we had to relay the pitch mid-season once, look at where we are now,” said chairman Scott Duxbury.

“When I was a young football fan growing up in Manchester, one of my enduring memories of going to my first football match as a young boy at Old Trafford was walking up the steps into the stadium and seeing the green of the pitch. It was vibrant and it took my breath away.

“Three or four years ago we had a pitch that was brown and yellow in places, all bobbly and certainly not impressive. Scott and his team have totally transformed the pitch at Vicarage Road.

“It’s gone from the lowest level to winning Premier League pitch of the season, and that’s phenomenal. The skill they have is incredible.”