The early contender for fan trolling of the season has to go to Sammy Brown – not only does she support Watford but live in Dunstable, her Dad supports Luton... and last weekend her 15-strong hen party flew from Luton Airport dressed in Watford attire!

The 29-year-old is a season ticket holder in the Rookery End, and is also a regular at Watford away games.

Her chief bridesmaid, Jade Hobbs, knew of Sammy’s love for Watford and arranged for yellow shirts for the rest of the hen do party, and a special Hornet costume for Sammy.

Watford Observer: Sammy Brown in her Hornets-themed hen attire.Sammy Brown in her Hornets-themed hen attire.

“We got a lot of comments when we were in the airport,” she laughed. “They were mainly from Luton fans I think because they weren’t flattering, but funny.

“When we arrived in Mykonos, one of the security guys there recognised the kit and said ‘You’ve got Watford kits on...but you flew from Luton?’ He obviously knew all about the rivalry.”

Sammy and her 15 friends and family spent a long weekend in the Greek resort. She was allowed to change out of her Hornet costume when they got there due to the heat, but Jade had prepared a white Watford kit for her while the rest stayed in their yellow throughout the first day.

Watford Observer: Sammy and her friends enjoying themselves in Watford attire at Luton Airport.Sammy and her friends enjoying themselves in Watford attire at Luton Airport.

Her wedding to fiance Matt Morley is due to take place on July 21, but in true loyal Hornet style she’s put the honeymoon on hold.

“We’re planning to go on honeymoon in October. We’re trying to arrange it around an international break,” she explained.

How did someone with yellow blood running through her veins emerge from a family home with an LU postcode?

“Some of my family live in Watford, and my grandad used to take my brother and cousin to matches when they were young. They carried on supporting Watford, and my brother got in there before my Dad did. I’ve had a season ticket for the last nine years.

Watford Observer: The hen do abroad.The hen do abroad.

“My Dad still goes to the big Luton games. I call him a fake fan! I don’t know if he’ll go to the games when we play them next season.”

Will the newlyweds be sharing the ups and down of next season in the Rookery?

“Matt loves football but he doesn’t support a team. He does go to games with me if there’s a spare ticket though. Now we have a little boy, Frankie, it’s a bit trickier for both of us to go to games. Of course, Frankie is a Junior Hornet!”

Watford Observer: Team photo!Team photo!